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I’ve written a third installment of my own ruminations on speed and quality in writing fiction and history, but I’m still polishing it. 

But wanted to mention, for those who enjoy “fast” writing, that one of best opinions on the subject came from Jay Lake, years ago, in Jay’s Rules of Writing. In his argument for the value of writing a story a week for a year, he came to the conclusion that not everything you write will be gold. Much of it will be crap. In fact, half of it will be worthless, 25% will need heavy lifting, and 25% will be ready for the slush pile with a little clean up. 

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“I Was A Teenage Umber Hulk!” An Homage to Dungeons and Dragons!

Elizabeth White, who has been kind enough to review the Spar books (and, thankfully, enjoyed them!) asked me back to do a post on any topic I wanted. Given that role playing games are critical to DICE ROLL, I figured … Continue reading

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Dice Roll is here!

In Ridlerville, when it rains, it pours. Four neat things happened this week: I sold one of my best stories to a well paying market. My flash fiction piece, “Punchlines” is up at OUT OF THE GUTTER! I’m interviewed about … Continue reading

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Fun at the Theater: The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity

Yesterday, Nick Mamatas and I went to the Aurora Theater to watch Kristoffer Diaz’s play, and Pulitzer finalist, THE ELABORATE ENTRANCE OF CHAD DEITY. It’s the story of a young Puerto Rican kid in the Bronx named Mace who loves … Continue reading

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Check out this rocking review of DEATH MATCH from the good folks at Hellnotes! “For readers familiar with Goon by Edward Lee and John Pelan, a thriller set in the underworld of wrestling, Death Match by Jason Ridler will be … Continue reading

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Super Heroes, Fisticuffs, and the future of Spar Battersea!

Wow, radio silence here at Ridlerville. I guess illness, the insane fire at Chevron, travel, end of term work, cleaning house, writing a couple books and a few short stories have eaten my time! As today I am under strict … Continue reading

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Minutemen, Che, and Chocolate! Elliptical Film Reviews!

My wife got us an elliptical. I dig it. I can watch TV and exercise after walking the dogs and see some oddball stuff. WE JAM ECONO: a documentary about punk-jazz-funk masters The Minutemen. Lots of great interviews (the remaining … Continue reading

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A Fistfull of Quotes

I found a list of quotes I used to tack on my wall. You might dig these. “Be like a steady promontory against which continually breaks the waves of life.” Marcus Aurelius “If your daily life seems poor, do not blame … Continue reading

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ADVICE IS CHEAP: Five Things I Wish I Knew

Over at the SFWA blog, they’ve posted my article “Lazy Time Travel: Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Out.” Here’s a small taste: “The best revenge is succeeding at something you love:  remember that editor who said that … Continue reading

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The Unofficial Novel of Comic Con! CON JOB will Set You Free!

Heading to San Diego for ComiCon is here? Well, then get the unofficial novel of the world’s greatest convention, CON JOB! It’s only the greatest comic convention thriller ever! Inside it’s pages, you’ll have a backstage pass to the good, … Continue reading

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