Ridler Goes Neo Pulp in the Maelstrom of Ebooks!

So, as promised yesterday, here’s the scoop.

I’m going to be publishing books on kindle. Huzzah!

Two new series will be arriving in 2011, as well a short story collections, for your reading pleasure. First book of the first series goes live on Monday, but I’ll be giving you a sneak peak at the series profile TOMORROW!

I aim to work hard, write as well as I am able, and keep generating action packed novels for as many fans as I can steal over the next while, as well as working on, you know, writing history books and some other novels and stories (I do like to keep busy!).

So, why ebooks? Why now?

To be frank, I think it will be fun. Someone made the analogy that the coming ebook world will have some analogues to the pulp mags of old. There are differences, of course, since even the pulpiest pulp novels had editors and marketing departments.

But fast paced, high octane, mondo dramatic tales seems to be catching fire. Lots of thriller stuff is selling on Kindle. And the need for speed, the desire for action driven storytelling and colorful characters . . . well, that’s certainly a large chunk of my brain!

Some friends mentioned recently, “Geeze, Ridler, that’s the kind of stuff you often write, though filtered through that pro-wrestling/punk rock/comic book soaked brain of yours. And you like all those guys who came up through the pulps like Jim Thompson, Robert E. Howard and Philip K. Dick, and their offspring like Joe Lansdale, Laird Barron and Norm Partridge. Why not make a go of it on the new ebook frontier?”

Why not indeed!

My goals are pretty simple. Write these series to the best of my ability, and hope to catch heat with fans. I’m a pretty driven fella. I like writing fast and furious, I like a pint of histrionics with my chaser of subtext, and while I have nowhere near the speed or endurance of Walter Gibson or Michael Moorcock, I’m willing to dive in and see what kind of go I can make of it.

So, what can you expect of me in the next couple of months?

A series featuring a hardluck hero with a fast mouth and weak fists who finds trouble to shoot in the fringe world of pop culture!

A collection of gritty and pretty tales of gladiators, stunt women, and all points in between!

And by Christmas a new series should also be up and running, but the specifics are still COSMIC TOP SECRET (I know, I’m full of secrets, but stay tuned!).

Does that mean I’ve given up trying to get published in the print world?

NO WAY! I’ve got great stuff happening with both fiction and non fiction with folks in NYC, and I’ll keep working that angle. But since publishing is in a post Borders survival mode, I figured it would be fun to try my hand in this neo pulp frontier with some of my action driven novels.

Do I expect to get rich? Do I expect to be the next Amanda Hocking? Do I expect this to land me a print deal?

Not really. If it happens, great. If not, I’m still writing a series that I dig, making some coin, and hopefully getting you guys interested in my stories and characters.

So, come tomorrow, another big reveal: I introduce you to the first series I’ll be launching, and why the first novel in the series will be THE GREATEST PRO WRESTLING CRIME NOVEL IN HISTORY (except for Night and the City and Hoodtown!).

Pulptastic Future, Here I Come! Maybe I’ll be the next Robert E. Howard . . . or the next Peter Worth?




About ridlerville

Jason S. Ridler is a historian, writer, and improv actor. He is the author of A TRIUMPH FOR SAKURA, BLOOD AND SAWDUST, the Spar Battersea thrillers and has published over sixty stories in such magazines and anthologies as The Big Click, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Out of the Gutter, and more. He also writes the column FXXK WRITING! for Flash Fiction Online. A former punk rock musician and cemetery groundskeeper, Mr. Ridler holds a Ph.D. in War Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada. He lives in Richmond, CA. Visit him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jason.ridler.56
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6 Responses to Ridler Goes Neo Pulp in the Maelstrom of Ebooks!

  1. Woooooot!! Good thing I already have a Kindle account. Gonna be filling it up now!

  2. Holy crap! You’re crazy, but in a good way. Good luck with it!

  3. Snake Plissken. I thought you were dead. says:

    Kick Axe! Keep up the excellent work!

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